Okay guys!

We have a TON of secrets to post once theme month is over. I’d like to apologize for any missed secrets for specific days, we WILL be posting them once theme month is over! Kitty and I just get very busy with our lives sometimes, and unfortunately this is one of those times.

Today, day 22, is for Super S Secrets, so if you have one, please feel free to submit it, or any other secret you may have for the coming days or in general.

The next days are

23.    Stars Secrets 

 24.    Movies and Specials Secrets

25.    Rerelease Secrets

26.    Tuxedo Kamen Secrets

27.    Continuity Secrets

28.    Dub Secrets

29.    I wish that….Secrets

30.    Catch up Day 2!

I (scoob) do have a favor to ask of you all, and I’ll post it under a cut. But please just do this for me guys.

My best friend and roommate has entered a contest to win some lolita dress and be part of a lolita fashion show at an upcoming on in Arizona. She’s been “duking it out” with one other girl the entire time for the first place spot. This contest ends on the 24th of November, two days from now, and she’s fallen behind again.

all you have to do is first friend Cake Shop Couture on Facebook (they are an amazing independent lolita brand so you should anyway!) and then click “like” on her picture. (shown above)

I’m not even sure if you actually have to friend Cake Shop Couture anymore, but they do have some pretty amazingly cute Lolita Stuff if you like that!!

Again, I’d really appreciate it if you guys could help my roommate out, because it’s kind of a once in a lifetime sort of opportunity for her.



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