Exciting news everyone!

We have officially (as of right now) reached 270 followers here at Sailor Moon Secrets, and I couldn’t be happier. I just want to thank you all for following and submitting your amazing secrets. Please keep submitting, and I hope you will all continue to enjoy this blog.

And on that note, the most exciting news of all.

Sailor Moon Secrets, as of June 1st, will be having a theme month in celebration of all of you lovely followers.

That’s right, we’re really going through with theme days, but just for the month of June! If you have a secret that applies to more than one of these days, you can pick which day you would like it to be posted. Be sure to include in the post which day it is for! If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask! :)

The theme days will be as follows:

Sailor Moon Secret Theme Days

June 1st: Heroine/Hero Secrets
June 2nd: Villain Secrets
June 3rd: Supporting Character/Monster of the Day Secrets
June 4th: Royalty Secrets
June 5th: Attack Secrets
June 6th: What creeps you out
June 7th: What makes you cry
June 8th: What makes you mad/annoyed
June 9th: What makes you laugh
June 10th: What makes you happy
June 11th: What makes you proud to be a fan
June 12th: What if? Secrets
June 13th: Character Design/OC Secrets
June 14th: Collection Secrets
June 15th: Secrets about the Fandom
June 16th: I Ship It
June 17th: I Can’t Ship It
June 18th: I never understood…
June 19th: I wish this had/had not crossed the media versions
June 20th: Story Arc/Season Specific Secrets
June 21st: Cosplay Secrets
June 22nd: Dub Secrets
June 23rd: Movie & Specials Specific Secrets
June 24th: Uncanny Resemblance (Anything from a different series that seems oddly similar to something in Sailor Moon)
June 25th: Codename: Sailor V Secrets
June 26th: Game Specific Secrets
June 27th: Musical Specific Secrets
June 28th: PGSM Specific Secrets
June 29th: Anime Specific Secrets
June 30th: Manga Specific Secrets

Once again, thank you all so much for being awesome and submitting your secrets. I hope you all choose to participate in theme month!

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