As much as I love the anime, some of the fashions the Youma have really make me wonder who dressed them before coming over to Tokyo.

The most fun I’ve ever had watching Sailor Moon has been recently when I’ve been re-watching it with my husband. I love making snarky comments with him while sharing something I love.

Even though I find the age gap between Usagi and Mamoru in the anime to  be generally creepy, a tiny part of me likes it. Usagi in the anime strikes me as the kind of girl who needs someone more parental. Besides which, I’ve always had a “thing” for older men.

Even though the manga is usually better, I prefer Dr. Tomoe’s ending in the anime. The one in the manga felt just like drama for drama’s sake.

I can’t deny that Sailor Moon’s anime looks silly when I watch it now. I love it but I know what people who didn’t watch it as children think. I went to see if that was the same for the manga. Its not. 

If they made the anime like the manga there would be no problem!