It doesn’t get said enough.  They were a family.  Three mothers and their adopted daughter.  They wore promise rings as a symbol of their relationship, and if you consider how hugely important every piece of jewelry is in Sailor Moon, you realize that that means everything.  Setsuna and Hotaru had no home, no biological family, but that didn’t matter because they made their own.

Everybody talks about how amazing it was that a children’s show in the early 90s displayed a lesbian couple.  Let’s talk about how the manga displayed a lesbian family.  Let’s talk about how that lesbian family included their platonic friend, who was every bit as much a parent to their daughter, and there was nothing weird about that. 

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I just can’t like Haruka and Michiru together. I’ve tried, and I failed. I don’t see this beautiful romance everyone else does, except in one or two instances, and I kind of feel left out because of it. 

Sorry, guys, that’s just the way it is.

I love the Outers, but I absolutely hate Michiru and Haruka’s attitude towards their mission and the other girls in the late part of the S season. It just felt really out of character and forced for teh dramaz~ after they found out that Usagi is Sailor Moon.