I absolutely hated the Starlights until I watched the 1996 production of Sailor Stars.

“You’re My Jewellery” has got to be one of the most cringe-worthy Myu songs ever.

Gaiden is one of my guilty pleasures.

cutting through the darkness

I’d love to have a group of friends (that live near me) who would totally roll with it and join in if I randomly decided to sing Tuxedo Mission in public. Complete with twirly cape action.

Uranus in the anime made me realize that I could like girls.

Takagi Nao cemented it.

Mochizuki Yuuta was hands-down the sexiest Tuxedo Mask and I’m glad the kept the role and its various incarnations for as long as he did. (He looks great in a frilly apron, too!)

Perfect Casting.