I never cry at anything. I didn’t cry at the end of the manga or anime. Didn’t cry during the notebook. However I bawled when Minako died in PGSM when she and Artemis had their final exchange to Rei running in with her star tambourine.

I hate how passive some of the characters are in this series. Usagi and Ami seem to just let people walk all over them, when they should be just giving people a good punch in the face (Mio and Naru come to mind). Rei even suffers from this passiveness as she has trouble speaking so bluntly (In regards to her feelings toward her father and her feelings about their mission)

Minako and Makoto seem to be the only characters in this series who can speak honestly and bluntly

I think Motoki’s whole turtle obsession was really weird. But then again…it’s really cute at the same time. (I wish he wore that turtle suit more often! ^///^)

I can’t stand how serious and rude Minako is during the whole PGSM series. I think makes her a completly different character who is generally unlikable.

I think Princess Sailor Moon is awesome…I wish the anime had it. She would have been really pretty and had would be real bad ass.

I think Ami-chan looks better in the wig than with her normal hair but I really can’t figure out why.

I swear the writers were making it up as they went along.  I think they had a few hazy details worked out (like how the ginzuishou influences Metallia) but other than that, I think that once they pulled out Sailor Luna (not saying from where, tee hee) they lost their focus.

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I think Ami, Rei and Makoto were improvements over the other genres. Minako and Usagi were flops.

I really like the storyline with Hina. It really shows how kind and loyal Mamoru is. Even though he promised to marry her when he was just a kid, he put aside his feelings for Usagi stuck to Hina until she walked away.