I recently had to solicit donations for my job at a social welfare agency. I hate talking on the phone to the point of developing a phobia about it, especially if I’m asking people for donations or money. Part of the way I was able to get most of the calls done today was by imagining Usagi telling me that she believed in me and would be with me. Because if she and my mom believe in me, there’s nothing I can’t do.

Taiki is awesome, but girl!Taiki is even awesomer. For me, she is the best Starlight. I hate when people say she is ugly just because her hairstyle is not as pretty as Seiya’s or Yaten’s.

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I wish I had a transformation brooch, but the copies at ebay are ugly and expensive.

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Victim Hotaru

I know that Sailor Saturn is suppose to be so strong, but whenever I see art of Hotaru, she always looks victimized or about to be victimized. It makes me sick and want to call child services

I really wish that the Act Zero special of PGSM had Kaitou Ace in it. I still feel cheated. :(

I ship Demando and Saffir together, even though they’re brothers, I felt there was a lot of evidence for them in the anime and musicals.

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