I’m putting together a Tuxedo Mask cosplay because that guys is wicked dashing and suave. It’s a two-part cosplay. Mamoru by day, Tuxedo Mask by night. My girlfriend also has a great Usagi and Sailor Moon cosplay already complete, so at some point we’re going to have the best couples cosplay ever.

I don’t even care if people are like, “A guy? Doing a cosplay from Sailor Moon???” No matter what people do, haters are gonna hate. Best thing we can do is what we like and not give a single thought about what others think.

I wish people wouldn’t use neon-yellow wigs when cosplaying Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. Unless it’s specifically for Sera Myu cosplays, they’re blond. NOT yellow. No matter how the rest of the costume is put together, it just looks cheap and tacky.

I hate how certain characters are never recognized at conventions; especially when other Sailor Moon cosplayers don’t know who you are. I find it strange people would cosplay from a series and then not even know who Prince Diamond is when he says, “I love your Beryl costume!”

I always find it a bit sad that so few cosplayers try to do any of the weapons or “magic attack” props for the scouts. (Aside from Pluto’s time staff.) You almost never see Mercury’s Harp, Mars’s flame bow, Venus’s chain or sword, or Jupiter’s lightning rod or belt.

I secretly judge Sailor Moon cosplayers who are wearing satin unless they’re specifically going for the PGSM look.

I am afraid I am not beautiful enough to cosplay as a Sailor Scout. I have been putting it off because I fear I could never do them justice.

I think it’s ridiculous when tumblr users rant about “cheap” shiny/satin costumes, using that criteria to blanket-label satin-based costumes as poor. Several factors go into bad cosplay, not just fabric for one part of the costume.

What’s worse, those same users reblog professionally photographed cosplays where the cosplayers wear costumes tailored with the same fabric. The quality of the photo seems to influence judgement more than the effort that went into the costume. I can’t decide if it’s hypocrisy or sheer idiocy.

I’m excited to couple-cosplay Chibiusa and Helios with my fiance, mostly because of the cute factor, but also because I know we’ll end up cracking Equus jokes at some point.

I dislike every eternal senshi cosplay I’ve seen. This is not because they are bad, necessarily, but some manga/anime things just can’t be pulled off in real life, and I believe the senshi’s eternal forms is one of them.