Okay guys!

We have a TON of secrets to post once theme month is over. I’d like to apologize for any missed secrets for specific days, we WILL be posting them once theme month is over! Kitty and I just get very busy with our lives sometimes, and unfortunately this is one of those times.

Today, day 22, is for Super S Secrets, so if you have one, please feel free to submit it, or any other secret you may have for the coming days or in general.

The next days are

23.    Stars Secrets 

 24.    Movies and Specials Secrets

25.    Rerelease Secrets

26.    Tuxedo Kamen Secrets

27.    Continuity Secrets

28.    Dub Secrets

29.    I wish that….Secrets

30.    Catch up Day 2!

I (scoob) do have a favor to ask of you all, and I’ll post it under a cut. But please just do this for me guys.

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Hey lovelies

Sorry we haven’t posted anything - and we do have things to post! Kitty is vacationing right now and I’m in the middle of moving!

But I promise I’ll queue up some secrets to post today while we’re busy.

Hope your weekends have been great :D


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Answers to the questions!

Thanks for the questions guys! Here are the answers!

What is your favorite outfit/costume from the series and why?
Scoob: Out of all the uniforms, the Super Sailor Moon one is my favorite (followed closely by Sailor V’s) It’s just so pretty, and it’s the first major change showing that she’s growing in power. Also, how can I not love the butterfly pose she does after she uses the chalice? Casual outfits? In the Sailor Moon: Hearts In Ice movie, there’s a quick shot of Minako in casual clothes with a shirt that says “LOVE NEVER CHANGED”, and I think that’s super cute. Also, all the outfits from the Black Dream Hole movie.

I love Eternal Moon’s uniform, especially in the Manga and Artbook drawings. This is closely followed by Super Sailor Moon and in third, Myu Pluto/Saturn. Casual outfits though, Usagi’s pink sleeveless top and lightblue skirt combo is one of my favorites and actually in my plans to cosplay

Who are your favorite and least favorite characters?
Favorites Characters
Kitty:  I can’t decide! Don’t make me! :C Okay fine,make me. I would say Setsuna as far as the senshi go.

Scoob: Minako. Definitely Minako! In every version of the series too, PGSM, anime, manga….I just love her.

Least Favorites
Scoob: I’m not a big fan of Al and En, nor am I a fan of a lot of the villains, actually. But my all time least favorite? Yaten. I can’t stand Yaten.

Kitty: Esmarude. She grates on my nerves.

Our Ships?
Kitty: Black Lady/Mistress 9 is my OTP! BUt I also ship Usagi/Mamo, Rei/Usagi (lol Scoob<3) and the super cracky Mamo/Motoki.

Scoob: Rei/Minako is my OTP of all my OTPs. I also ship Ami/Mako. I have lots of great fanfic recommendations if you like those pairings ;D

Ships we just can’t sail?
 Yaten/Minako is the couple I cannot do. I cannot handle it. I just kind of fly into a fit of rage and want to flip tables over. Also, Usagi/Rei. I used to ship it, but that ship sank a long time ago for me. I don’t like shipping the Starlights with anyone but their princess. I just really don’t like the senshi being straight, for whatever reason, lolololol.

Kitty: Usagi/Dimande or Usagi/Seiya. They’re just two characters I found disagreeable.

Favorite Sailor Moon song?
I have about 15 of the available albums on rotate on my ipod right now. I love ANYTHING on the Orgel Fantasia CD! Its probably my favorite. My favorite songs with lyrics are “She’s Got the Power”, “Ai no Senshi” and “La Soilder”

 I totally jam to Power of Love, or the S.A.F. Club remix of the theme song. There’s also a fanmix of the theme song that I cannot skip whenever it comes on my iPhone (not that I can really skip any Sailor Moon songs without feeling bad). I really love all the music though, as I have over 1,000 songs (international songs, remixes, techno versions, background music, etcetc) purly devoted to Sailor Moon.

Favorite season of the anime?
 That would be Sailor Moon S, the third season. I also love the first “filler” arc of StarS.
Kitty: Also S,with R in second.

Favorite version of Sailor Moon (Manga, Anime, PGSM, Musicals)
I’ve never seen all of PGSM. I’ve gotten about 5 episodes in and then my boyfriend introduced me to Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and PGSM has been on the backburner on my watch list :x anyway! I can’t honestly pick a favorite because they all bring new things to the table imo.

I’m going to have to say Manga and PGSM are my two favorites, and while I do like the Anime and enjoy the Musicals, they just aren’t my absolute favorite.  

How old are we?
 I turned 19 this past July!

I turned 19 in March and have spent almost every day since going “Oh god I’m going to be 20 soon”

What age did we get into Sailor Moon?
It would have been when Sailor Moon first started,which was probably when I was 4 or 5 and I’ve just stuck with it since.

I started watching Sailor Moon sometime between second and fourth grade, so whatever age that would be. I didn’t really start getting into it until I was in middle school though, and then high school hit and I was obsessed. Now I’m a college student who’s walls are covered with almost nothing but Sailor Moon.

Personal Blogs?
sailorscooby.tumblr.com also scoobthoughts.tumblr.com but a warning, the thoughts blog is much, much more personal where as sailorscooby is much more light hearted.

kittykathleen.tumblr.com is my super pink personal blog and sophieproject.tumblr.com is my tumblr for my novella “Sophie”

What Sailor Moon things do you own?
Kitty: I’ve got two boxes of Sailor Moon Valentines, A Hot Topic shirt (On its way to me from my boyfriend), the 90s bed set, the silly bandz, all the Japanese Manga (reprints), an Eternal Moon plushie and This

Scoob: Oh god, I have a countless number of trading cards, buttons, and stickers, an official Minako fact sheet, bed sheets, 5 wall scrolls, a sailor venus key chain, an artemis hat, a luna doll, diana doll, artemis doll, sailor moon doll, plastic finger puppets, all of the anime and a very poor copy of all of pgsm, 3 official posters, 14 fanart posters, 1 plastic wall hang, one of the music cds for PGSM, a Sailor V bag, sailor moon iPhone case, two of the hot topic shirts, the issue of the manga that the hearts in ice movie was based off of, the Sailor Venus fact book, a Haruka/Michiru necklace, custom Mars/Venus shoes….If I think of what else I’ll update. Oh, and I have the rom for the DS game.

Any other Sailor Moon projects besides SMS on the go?
Kitty: I tried to do A Softer Moon,which was a Sailor Moon Version of A Softer World but got distracted by other things. Now I just doodle, make SM android themes and pimp out my desktop with Sailor Moon themes.

Scoob: Not really, although I’ve been doing a basic outline for how I would design a Sailor Moon video game (i’m a game production major). For a while I wanted to make a SenshiShip blog, but I doubt it will ever happen. I’m also probably going to be running a panel on Sailor Moon at an upcoming convention here in Arizona.

Hi guys-as I was setting up to post today’s topic I noticed we had reached 555 Followers.

While I personally haven’t been around as a mod since SMSecrets opened,I have been following for a while! So,to thank each and everyone of you- here is a happy jumpy Usagi.

With out all of you,this blog wouldn’t exist.Your submissions keep us going.

So here is to you,the Sailor Moon Fandom, and I hope to see you again at the next milestone!

On behalf of us Admins



Layout is up!

The new layout is up! Its very orange. I’m not sure if I like the background and may change it.

Hover over the posts for the post info (any possible added text, notes etc!) <3

It would appear tumblr keeps turning off our submit function! Its enabled in the layout but every time I return to the home screen it turns off! In the mean time, please send secrets to midnightsailormoonsecrets@gmail.com or upload them to an image hosting service (photobucket,imageshack etc) and drop them in the ask box!

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