I cried when Zoisite died in the anime. Not just because he’s my favorite. The flower petals, Kunzite struggling to stay unemotional, and the “I loved you…Kunzite-sama” at the end were so overwhelming. I cried when Kunzite did also, but it was the happy kind of crying because he was very likely reunited with Zoisite…check out his last words. ;_; Just. So. Amazing.

I got extremely teary-eyed this week when I watched an episode of SuperS. There was a dance, and Makoto was standing alone wearing a beautiful black dress with a red rose on it. Ami went to see why she was just standing there. When Makoto explained it was because she was toot all for boys to want to dance with her, Ami asked her to dance. It was a reminder for me about how touching this show can be.

Ami-chan is, without, the best dressed of the senshi. She’s very modest and clean and I wouldn’t hesitate to wear her clothes from the SuperS season.