I hate how passive some of the characters are in this series. Usagi and Ami seem to just let people walk all over them, when they should be just giving people a good punch in the face (Mio and Naru come to mind). Rei even suffers from this passiveness as she has trouble speaking so bluntly (In regards to her feelings toward her father and her feelings about their mission)

Minako and Makoto seem to be the only characters in this series who can speak honestly and bluntly

I’m putting together a Tuxedo Mask cosplay because that guys is wicked dashing and suave. It’s a two-part cosplay. Mamoru by day, Tuxedo Mask by night. My girlfriend also has a great Usagi and Sailor Moon cosplay already complete, so at some point we’re going to have the best couples cosplay ever.

I don’t even care if people are like, “A guy? Doing a cosplay from Sailor Moon???” No matter what people do, haters are gonna hate. Best thing we can do is what we like and not give a single thought about what others think.

Even though I find the age gap between Usagi and Mamoru in the anime to  be generally creepy, a tiny part of me likes it. Usagi in the anime strikes me as the kind of girl who needs someone more parental. Besides which, I’ve always had a “thing” for older men.

I can ship Usagi with almost anyone, but Mamoru can only ever be shipped with Usagi in my mind.

I ship Kunzite and Usagi